Home Search Criteria

As we begin the home search process we need to be sure you are receiving all the properties that might potentially meet your needs. In assessing your criteria that we will use in our MLS search please consider the following:
1. Start with your MUST haves-
2. Then we will add WOULD LIKEs- these are things that could be changed after you bought the house or you could live without if everything else on the house met your criteria. If there is limited inventory that meets your MUST have criteria the WOULD LIKES would be removed from the search.

Remember that you may have dogs and consider a fenced yard to be a MUST HAVE, but a fence is something you could add after purchasing the home. However, if you are looking to get away from stairs searching for only one-story homes may be a MUST HAVE as this would not be a feature easily changed.

We will set you up to automatically receive the listings that meet your criteria daily. If any of these interest you after you have reviewed the MLS data and done a drive by of the property, let us know immediately so we can set up a showing appointment. Some homes require a confirmed appointment for showings so please try to be flexible in the window of time you are available to view homes where possible.

We have found that each home search is unique and there is a “sweet spot” of criteria where you do not get bombarded with too many listings that really do not meet your criteria or restricted with too few options to choose from because your criteria is too detailed. Once we begin the search process we may find that adjustments are needed to our parameters to hit that sweet spot.

Let Team Lyon get you set up in an MLS direct search that automatically emails you the new inventory daily (or as they come on the market if your criteria are very limiting.) In our search portal you can tag properties as favorites, dismiss ones you do not like and manage the list all in one spot. Then when you are ready to view something just call/text or email us and we can get an appointment set up.