What is Needed to Make an Offer

We want to be sure our clients know exactly what is needed from them and when so there are as few surprises as possible in your real estate transaction. When you are ready to make an offer you will need to have the following items ready.

* Know the terms of your offer that will be required to meet your goals and objectives. For example, what date do you WANT to be in the house by and what date do you NEED to be in by at the latest.

* How much cash do you have on hand for down payment and closing costs. Closing costs are generally about 3-5% of the purchase price in addition to your down payment. If you do not have these funds readily available then we will need to factor that into our offer. Even if you have the funds available, we can ask the seller to pay the closing costs on your behalf so that you can keep more cash in your pocket.  However, keep in mind that the seller will want to raise the contract price to cover those closing costs.  We will discuss this further as we prepare an offer.

* Determine any special needs/stipulations if any that we need to address up front in our original offer. For example, will you need a home warranty and who will pay for it or any special contingencies.

* Have a lender letter in hand dated within the last 30 days or proof of funds to present with the offer.

* We will need the actual Earnest Money check from you once the contract is accepted and is binding. You can write a personal check, but the funds need to be in your account the day you write the check. These funds will be deposited in an escrow account and you must have funds to cover the check. These checks do not get “held.”


It is best to discuss all of the above with us as we begin the process so if we need to change the search criteria or discuss alternatives we can do that early in the process. For additional information on the overall costs of buying a home beyond the offer aspect please visit the “Cost of Home Buying” on our website under the MORE link at the top right of the black menu bar. If you have any questions please reach out to us via email, text or phone.