Seller Items to Fix

After hundreds of home inspections there are several things we see repeatedly that show up on the buyer’s inspection report that the sellers are asked to fix.  These can be addressed prior to listing if the seller gets their own inspection. The seller can opt to wait for the buyer to inspect and address at that time. Keep in mind that the repairs requests are a negotiation and buyers can ask for any and all repairs they feel necessary. The sellers have the right to

1. Decline all repair requests made during the due diligence period

2. Decline some of the repairs requested, and agree to some of the repairs

3. Agree to all of the buyer requested repairs

4. On occasion, additional closing cost to buyer can be offered in lieu of repairs to the buyer. However if the buyer is already getting the maximum amount the lender will allow in seller paid closing cost, this will not be an option.

5. Offer a Purchase price reduction in lieu of repairs

These repair negotiations take place during the due diligence period so the buyer has the option to terminate the contract during this time if a satisfactory agreement is not reached in regards to any requested repairs.

It is important that sellers not be blindsided by an extensive list of repairs they had not counted on while negotiating the sales price. So it is important to either be prepared for the list of repairs from the buyer’s inspection report or address repairs before listing through a pre listing inspection.

Some of the most common repairs we see requested are:

o Wood rot especially on fascia and window/door trim

o GFCI outlets not working correctly

o Deck not fastened to structure correctly

o Loose boards or railing on deck

o Loose shingles

o A/C hoses or condensation lines rotted

o Lack of water heater expansion tank and/or tank not properly supported

o Irregularities in the electrical panel

o Caulking needed in bathrooms

o Rodents or evidence of rodents in the attic

o Insulation compacted over time to below acceptable R rating

o Insufficient draining of water away from house (usually gutters)

This list is not all-inclusive but rather an idea of  common items. We recommend the seller get an inspection prior to listing to avoid unexpected surprises and potentially derailing a sale with a buyer.

We can help you navigate the repairs options when the time comes.