Getting a Home Under Contract... What Next

When you get a home under contract there are still a lot of moving parts that need to be handled along the way. Let Team Lyon help you through this detailed process.


1. Once a meeting of the minds is agreed upon, ensure the contract is complete and binding on all parties

2. Collect all contact info for buyer and deliver to appropriate parties to the transaction

3. Collect Contact info for all parties involved in the transaction

4. Inform all parties of Important Dates: Binding date, closing date, Due Diligence expirations, Finance & Appraisal contingencies expirations

5. Coordinate a Closing time and confirm with attorney, listing agent, buyer, lender

6. Arrange for Earnest Money delivery and provide copy to all parties

7. Coordinate scheduling of the home inspection

8. Discuss inspection results and formulate a request for repairs if warranted and addressed by contract

9. Send contract to closing Attorney and request wiring instructions and buyer info sheet

10. Have buyer fill out attorney buyer info sheet as requested and return to attorney

11. Send contract to Lender and advise of Financing and Appraisal Contingencies

12. Confirm Appraisal value comes back ok

13. Follow up during loan process to ensure loan is on track and lender is responsive

14. Obtain CBS code from listing agent

15. Send CBS code to the home inspector for access

16. Notify listing agent and buyer of inspection times                    

17. Set reminders for time sensitive tasks to ensure completion

18. Confirm all paperwork needed to close has been received by the closing attorney

19. Order home warranty if needed per terms of the contract

20. Communicate with lender, attorney and other agent on progress of transaction as needed

21. Send address/directions to closing, with reminders, wiring instructions, etc. to buyer

22. Coordinate with listing agent to ensure access available to property for a final walk and/or repairs inspection with buyer prior to closing

23. Conduct a final walk through of property just before closing to ensure everything is as it should be

24. Provide a closing disc for buyer of executed paperwork  (mailed out about a month after closing)

25. Add buyer to Comcast report so they can take advantage of the $200 discount if desired

26. Send out a Homestead Exemption reminder email about 3 months after closing if this is the buyer’s primary residence